Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Hell of Hersey

Okay so over the last 19 years I worked on my Night Lords on and off through diffrent editions. with the release of 5th edition I almost put them back on the shelf and went back to playing the lap dogs of the corpse god but after much discussion with my trusted fellow Night Lord brothers I thought it was time to put my final Night Lords force together. Now how to make them stand out in the crowd of blue? Dan the Deamon from the B&C did some mind blowing work on his mixed Night Lord/ Alpha Legion war band. after several talks with him I believed his path was sound. Now that I had the feel of the army as I wanted it I soon hit another wall. How to do my terminators so they wouldn't be forgotten but would stand out as much as the rest of the army? with this in mind I started do concept sketches of ideas. Now I have a sketch book full of helmets, chest plates, greeves and other armor bits and peices but nothing really to set my termies apart from the rest till this last weekend. while far from finished and I am really motivated to finish this peice here is how I will be progressing with my Terminators for the Lords of Terror.

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