Sunday, October 14, 2012

Project: Terror 2013 prelude

A foreword about Project: Terror 2013. I've been in the hobby is the summer/fall of 1990. I've loved all aspects of warhammer 40k from the rich stories to the crazy conversions people have come up with.(any one remember the genestealer cults limos?) anyway in that time I've built many armies, sold them to buy more and started again. I've always liked the look of Night Lords since I saw the bat banner with the khorne icons and worked from that perspective. when Lord of the Night hit the shelves I read it and New the Night Haunter had his hooks in me and there was no going back. when 4th edition came out I really didnt care for what was happening to my army but didnt want to stop so went loyalist and enjoyed my time helping build the old Aegyptus astartes project. with was with the lost of that army in an accident that i left the hobby for a short time. from that bad place several friend got me back into the game which helped out in my regular life as a diversion and I soon remembered why I was into the Nightlords from the beginning. with one of those friends who used the forum name Knightmare that the NightLords forum was created away from the B&C but between the two I've come to stand where I am today and glad for it. With that in mind its with the mad skills from the B&C who's painting and sculpting skills that have inspired me to start my latest project for nightlords. To name just a few that stand out I would like to thank Dan the Demon, Doghouse, Lamenter, Pigofsparta, Blindhamster, Master Chaplin Astador, Boltman, Biohazard, Lorenzen, and 1000heathens for the inspiration as well as taking time to answer hundreds of questions here in PM and across the forum on their work. without I wouldnt think what I'm attempting to be possible. Now on to Project: Terror 2013. Project: Terror will be the truescale conversion of 3000 points of 40k nightlords built on fluff written by me around the 8th company of the Night Lords. I use to call it a Grand Company but as AD-B's books have been released it should they didnt use this title so have been revising my fluff to be more up to date. my goal is to have it done by release of FW HH book two release next year. with its release I then plan on expanding phase two which will be main characters from a 30k aspect in the Night Lords. Fingers crossed I remain inspired and get this finished. other then the reward of have 2 3000 point armies of night lords I then plan on getting the FW Night Haunter model to paint as a center peice to the 30K force. To start the project off some of you may remember this artwork from awhile back of Lahash 7th Claws Captain.
after pushing my sculpting skills I've decided to see if I can convert him from the draws with some minor tweaks. Here is the first wip pic.
Since this was taken I've got alittle bit more done but waiting for GS and milliput to cure before moving on and leaving finger prints. I'm trying to slow myself to not make mistakes. More pics soon aswell as revised artwork of the Finalized captain to be converted.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Returning from the Void

Its been awhile since I posted here. alot of things have kept me away and with new events unfolding I've decided the Airlock once more needs to be updated and hopefully with more regularity. recently i have been debating quite abit about starting a year long project. but im not sure if I should so I figured i might as well ask some advice. for awhile now I've been debating doing a army at art scale using DogHouse's tutorial from the bolter and chainsword. I've been reasonable successful creating these. while an army would be daunting and full of fear inspiring marines as well as looking excellent next to the traitor guard im building from DkoK models. I'm starting to have doubts. would true scale be better? do the art scale look to Large? it will be quite and undertaking from the beginning. what are your thoughts? feed back on attempting such an army is greatly accepted.