Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Hell of Hersey

Okay so over the last 19 years I worked on my Night Lords on and off through diffrent editions. with the release of 5th edition I almost put them back on the shelf and went back to playing the lap dogs of the corpse god but after much discussion with my trusted fellow Night Lord brothers I thought it was time to put my final Night Lords force together. Now how to make them stand out in the crowd of blue? Dan the Deamon from the B&C did some mind blowing work on his mixed Night Lord/ Alpha Legion war band. after several talks with him I believed his path was sound. Now that I had the feel of the army as I wanted it I soon hit another wall. How to do my terminators so they wouldn't be forgotten but would stand out as much as the rest of the army? with this in mind I started do concept sketches of ideas. Now I have a sketch book full of helmets, chest plates, greeves and other armor bits and peices but nothing really to set my termies apart from the rest till this last weekend. while far from finished and I am really motivated to finish this peice here is how I will be progressing with my Terminators for the Lords of Terror.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blood Drinkers Space Hulk Terminators

okay I picked up the new edition of space hulk the third of october. after several quick games with the fiance I started thinking how wonderful it would be to paint them but I dont want blood angels as it would be the 4th legion force I would have. after some looking at Angels of death as Blood Angel successor chapters I figured the chalice bearing Blood drinkers would be sweet to paint. after researching them all week I found they are codex following blood angel Ultramarine nancy boys. While I like the color theme for them I dont care for the Codex adheritance. So I'm painting them as sorts blood drinkers / blood angels to make them mine and maybe down the road I'll expand them into a full blown force army but as for now the Bearers of the Chalice will have to live though those 12 marines in the space hulk box. Pics to come in a few days.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Lords of Terror - Characters of the Night Lords 8th Grand Company

Okay so currently I rebuilding my Night Lords army which has a heavy Khorne/Undivided Theme to it but when bored I do like to switch it up and use Nurgle or outside elements Like assistance from Alpha Legion. to represent this I have several Character's I re-doing to lead the army depending on which version is being feilded as well as which codex I'm using. Currently I either use the Current Chaos codex which I'm greatly disappointed with or the Current Marine codex. With the release of the new Space wolves codex I'm tempted to use it to represent my Beloved Nightlords in a style more fitting the image they have had since the days of Rogue Trader.

First up is HellChyld, Lord Commander Damon Chyld. I field HellChyld as either a Lord on Juggernaught or a Chapter Master depending on the codex. I have thought about Fielding him as a counts as new wolf Lord on thunder wolf from the new Wolf codex but have yet to sit down and study the new codex to see if I wish to follow that path.

1st Captian Zepar the red, Terminator Lord of Khorne or Terminator Captian is the next character for the 8th grand I have developed. with the release of the New wolf dex a nasty thought of converting a wolf pelted terminator version of Zepar to feild as a counts as Logan Grimnar has been brought up several times so as I might try feilding a Nightwing* style army. with the codex rules as rumored it would allow me to feild both Zepar and Zaraz Tchez in the same army but with personalities much like their chaos dex versions.

Night Captian Zaraz Tchez of the 5th company, The Seige Hammer, Terminator Lord Undivided or terminator Captian when in lead role usally supported by Undivided Night Lords in mixed armor. as listed above with the new wolf dex Zepar and Zaraz might finally be feilded together and not lose any of the personality they have come to be known for.

Allocen the Mad, Chaos Sorceror or Librarian depending on the dex used. Allocen isn't a Nightlord of the 8th Grand Company. Believed to be from the 13th Grand Company Allocen has come to a truce with HellChyld in these later days. what Allocen has that HellChyld wants is unknown but it must be of importance to him for as being a Nightlord alone would not have allowed him to keep his head as past events have shown.

Night Captian Lahash Mastema of the 7th company, Chaos Lord of Nurgle or Captian again depending on dex. I was writing some notes on Lahash as he's sort of new to the 8th line up so I figured I'd share them here aswell till I have proper Fluff on him.

"Lahash was known before the great crusade to mutter about a great plauge that would get him but he wouldn't die from it. after he joined the nightlords he still muttered about it saying he saw it coming for him in his dreams. It is beleived his dreams of this great plauge created a obsessive fascination with mortality and death which grew even more after being selected for training to be a Apothacary. While serving as Apothacay in HellChyld's command squad, It was reported Lahash's knowledge about his fascination new no limits and is believed to have gotten him possessed by something drawn to his warp presense, wishing to be immortal. there for awhile afterwards he was just a gibbering possessed who wouldn't seem to die. then one day some of the nightlords who watch the touched ones said something a little uncaring and he responded in his educated manner and scared the shit out of them as his new form was nothing like that as a possessed. HellChyld liked how his old freind returned to him and groomed him to be a night captian. a Night Captian of the company with the most tombstones** in it."

Other Characters of my force used but not of the 8th Grand are Ephialtes the Entombed, a chaos dreadnought with alot of fluff behind him created by the dark Chaplin of the Nightlords forum, Lord Commander Kythel Etan of the 18th Grand Company the Immortal Terrors, created by Dan the Deamon of the Bolter and Chainsword and "Alpharius" of cell 8 of the Alpha Legion who is played as a counts is telion when using the regular marine Dex.

I also have Morax the sane, a Chaos dreadnought who seems to not want to go berserk like all the other dreadnoughts of chaos. feilded in 30+ games as still yet to go berserk. really weird but at the same time hella cool.

*Nightwing - A death wing or all terminator armoured army of Night Lords.
**Tombstones are the discriptive term used in the 8th grand company for Marines who belong to the Cult of Nurgle or Plauge Marines.

keep an eye on this spot as I'll hopefully post up the variant models for these guys in the coming days.. till next bat time.....................

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome to Airlock III

Airlock III is a warhammer 40k Blog I will do my best to update on a regular basis showing insight into My Nightlords, Imperial Fists, Alpha Legion and any side projects that pop up like blood drinkers terminators painted from the new space hulk terminators.