Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blood Drinkers Space Hulk Terminators

okay I picked up the new edition of space hulk the third of october. after several quick games with the fiance I started thinking how wonderful it would be to paint them but I dont want blood angels as it would be the 4th legion force I would have. after some looking at Angels of death as Blood Angel successor chapters I figured the chalice bearing Blood drinkers would be sweet to paint. after researching them all week I found they are codex following blood angel Ultramarine nancy boys. While I like the color theme for them I dont care for the Codex adheritance. So I'm painting them as sorts blood drinkers / blood angels to make them mine and maybe down the road I'll expand them into a full blown force army but as for now the Bearers of the Chalice will have to live though those 12 marines in the space hulk box. Pics to come in a few days.

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