Sunday, October 7, 2012

Returning from the Void

Its been awhile since I posted here. alot of things have kept me away and with new events unfolding I've decided the Airlock once more needs to be updated and hopefully with more regularity. recently i have been debating quite abit about starting a year long project. but im not sure if I should so I figured i might as well ask some advice. for awhile now I've been debating doing a army at art scale using DogHouse's tutorial from the bolter and chainsword. I've been reasonable successful creating these. while an army would be daunting and full of fear inspiring marines as well as looking excellent next to the traitor guard im building from DkoK models. I'm starting to have doubts. would true scale be better? do the art scale look to Large? it will be quite and undertaking from the beginning. what are your thoughts? feed back on attempting such an army is greatly accepted.

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